Resin Casting Tutorial

Being able to make your own casts is very handy for:

  • gems
  • objects that need to be transparent
  • items you need to have a high number of that all have to be identical, like buttons! 😀


Resin comes in all kinds of varieties and has different ratios for each. Ratio means: how much you need of each of the 2 components that you mix together, often refered to as Component A and Component B. Both the silicone that you use for the mold and the resin that you use to cast your product with consists of 2 components. Together they start the chemical reaction that makes the two fluids become solid! This ratio can for example be a little of component A and a LOT of component B (1:10). So before you start make sure to carefully read the instructions on the casting products you bought!

The silicone and the resin we use in this tutorial has 2 components that has a ratio of 1:1. Which means you need the same amount of each. Very easy to mix!

If all this talk of ratio’s and components seems a bit overwhelming, don’t worry! We’ll now explain what to do step by step.


Casting steps:

Step 1) Get the product you want to cast. Make sure you brushed off any dust or other imperfections. In our case we used our shell like shape that we sculpted out of clay for our cosplay of Ritzia from Dawn of Mana.

Step 2) Put on some gloves. These liquids aren’t particularly dangerous but it’s still better to avoid any contact with your skin.

Step 3) Get your silicone! Grab both of the two components. One white and one green(/or blue). You need to mix them together at a 1:1 ratio, so the same amount of each. Stir this well in a little plastic cup with a stick until the colors are nicely blended into 1 color. Now pour it into a container or something else to hold your product. We used a little cooking pan we weren’t using anymore. 🙂



Step 4) Let the silicone dry and become hard. Once it’s done you can take out the product. Now you got a mold from your product. A negative imprint from which you can pour as many of the same shape as you want. And it can even be transparent! This is very convenient for pieces that need to light up for example.

Step 5) Get your resin! Again two components. Read the instructions of the resin you want to use carefully since it differs per brand. Mix the components of your resin and stir it well just like with the silicone before. Pour the liquid into the mold. Now let this set for a while.


Step 6) Wait for a bit while it sets (this waiting time can differ per resin type)  and……tada! You made a cast!


If anyone is planning to cast something very soon and has some questions about it don’t hesitate to send us a message on our Facebook or other Social Media platforms. We can always explain some things in greater detail. I hope this inspired you to make casts! ♥


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