Tracer Jacket weathering tutorial

Start out with a fake or real leather. It needs to have a smooth surface if you want to get the masking fluid off, so any normal fabric will *NOT* work. When in doubt, use a little test piece first.

Step 1) Apply the masking fluid! This stuff is just like masking tape, only….well, liquid. Blot it on, make sure to get all the seams too, and make some little specks and flicks. The messier, the better! Let it dry before continuing.

Step 2) Paint over it with a colour you want the “chipping” of the leather to have. Usually this is a few shades lighter than your leather!

Step 3) Peel off the masking fluid once the paint is half-dry. You’ll see the paint start to crack and peel, giving you this really realistic scuffed look. Rub all the masking fluid off!

Step 4) Boom. You’re done. Sew jacket up. Go be Tracer. 😀

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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