CraftSkin Tutorial

CraftSkin isn’t really a new material but I haven’t seen many people use it yet.
The idea to use CraftSkin for this part of the Daydreamer armor developed because I was looking for something that would behave like cloth while mimicking the look of Worbla.
So I decided to come up with something that could blur the lines a bit in look & feel between armor and cloth, and the answer turned out to be CraftSkin!

What is CraftSkin?
It’s a very flexible fake leather that actually takes acrylic paint really well. So it matched with my requirements for this skirt.
You can even sew it with a normal sewing machine.

1) Cut out all the big pieces out of the blue CraftSkin fabric and cut out all the decorations from the beige colored CraftSkin.
2) Glue the beige decorations onto the blue parts so they will all be in the right place before you start sewing.
3) Using a normal sewing machine topstitch each decoration onto each skirt piece.
4) Add some lining to the inside of the skirt pieces so you can’t see the stitches anymore on the inside while also sewing on the biastape to finish the edges.
5) Painting time!! I used the same acrylic paints as I used for my Worbla armor, while also using the exact same shading and highlighting techniques.
6) After the painting was done I put the whole skirt together and it was time to wear it with my full cosplay!

The skirt is very easy to wear. It moves nicely and I can easily sit in it. The paint also doesn’t rub, flake or chip off even when I was sitting on rough surfaces.
The acrylic paint really stays on/in the CraftSkin very nicely. So of course I was very happy with this discovery!

I hope this can be of use to anyone. And if you have any questions just ask.

xxx Liza

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